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#Brief Bio of Dr Baba J Adamu, Ph.D., Coren Rgt

Dr. Baba Jibrin Adamu is an ICT Specialist with Certificate on Global Terrorism from the United Nation (UN). He is currently the President of Arewa Center for Regional Development (ACRD) - www.arewaonline-ng.com) with a dedicated personal website: www.bjadamu-ng.com/

ACRD is a Centre of Excellence that promotes regional economic development with a mission to promote local economic development-focused research, evidence-based analysis, training and inclusive growth and development services to private, public and not-for-profit organizations with the aim of addressing the issues of poverty, joblessness and despair, which often lead youths banditry, community crises and create fertile ground to recruit youths into acts of terrorism. The Centre will offer a wide variety of skills training, economic, innovative development programs designed to help individuals and organizations build capacity toward wealth creation. ACRD will achieve its objectives through collaboration, partnership and consortia research; training, seminars and professional development programs; debates and discussion panels; faculty and student exchanges; and conferences, symposia and workshops to educate the youths about the ills of insurgency, kidnappings and acts of terrorism.  www.arewaonline-ng.com



  1. DOCTORATE DEGREE - Ph.D.  in Civil Engineering (silo technology) from University of Technology Wroclaw, Poland, 2000 (also lectured for 4 years)

  2. MASTER’S DEGREE in Structural engineering (accredited in Albany, New York, USA) from University of Technology Wroclaw, Poland, 1993


  1. Certificate on Citizen Engagement: A Game Changer for National Development from the World Bank, Washington DC, USA, 2017;

  2. Certificate on Fundamentals of Strategy on ICT from Harvard University Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 2012;

  3. Certificates on Global Terrorism from the United Nations (UN) Institute for Training & Research (UNITAR POCI), New York, USA, 2007;

  4. Certificate on Peacekeeping & International Conflict Resolution from the United Nations (UN) Institute for Training & Research (UNITAR POCI), New York, USA, 2007;

  5. Certificate on Working System of United Nations (UN) from the United Nations (UN) Institute for Training & Research (UNITAR POCI) New York, USA, 2007;

  6. Certificate on Leadership Development & Business Management: The Banff Academy for Business Calgary, Alberta, CANADA, 2005

  7. Certificate on Participatory Approaches to Monitoring and Evaluation: Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Toronto Ontario, CANADA, 2005

  8. Certificate on SEAP in Information & Communication Technology (ICT): Cloud Computing, Database & Internet Security: Centennial College, Centre of Entrepreneurship, Toronto, Canada, 2001

Dr. Baba J. Adamu has written a Book “Effect of Global Terrorism & the Niger Delta Crisis” published in Nigeria in 2007 that highlighted the need for effective international cooperation on all aspects of counter-terrorism, especially the denial of safe havens to terrorists engaged in such incitement and a proactive intelligence collection strategy in place, a comprehensive monitoring approach to the diverse threats of kidnappings, armed-banditry and acts of terrorism and why Conflict Mapping with the aim to predict a coming generation of conflicts fuelled by ethnicity, social, religious, political, communal or otherwise was necessary simply because, as the war on Al-Qaeda by USA intensified after Sept 11, Al-Qaeda was on the run but also began exploring new ways to bypass the daunting maze of deterrents already in place. They sought for safe havens to entrench and spread their incitement where there is poverty, ignorance, despair and hopelessness; and they found Africa: Nigeria, Somali; a potential terrorist breeding ground especially with institutional weaknesses that allow terrorists to operate freely with non-coherent and effective ways to forecast or address their menace.


  1. Office of the Vice President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, State House Villa, Abuja (June 2010 to 2015) – 5 Years
    Position: Senior Special Assistant (SSA) on Information & Communication Technology (ICT).

  2. Office of the Executive Governor of Kaduna State (April 2009 to June 2010)
    Position: Special Adviser (SA) on ICT

  3. iNetworks Canada: Toronto, CANADA (Jan. 2002 – Jan 2008)
    Position: President and CEO

Dr. BJ Adamu is a member of numerous local and international organizations. He is married with children.


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